Thank you for reading our tips on how to make a better brew.  We believe that everyone deserves the very best start in the morning and we certainly look forward to our Santo Domingo Organico flat white every day.

There are a few rules you can follow to make sure your coffee is the best it can be.

1. Keep it fresh!  Because beans begin to lose freshness after they are roasted its important to store your beans or ground coffee correctly.  Airtight is the rule here, not in the fridge, just in a cupboard. Because we roast and flavour in small batches when your coffee leaves us at its very best!

2. Choose Arabica Beans, they are much better quality and taste so much better than Robusta.  All our coffee, single origin, speciality, premium and flavoured beans are 100% Arabica with the exception of our Espresso Blend which contains 50% robusta for a extra caffeine.

3. If you can grind your own - Do!  If you can't, then make sure you choose the right grind.  If you're using a stove top, aeropress or espresso machine you need a fine grind, filter and cafetiere need a medium and percolator needs a course grind.  This is so important because of the way the coffee is extracted during brewing.  You don't want sludge or dishwater!

4. Test your water.  If you currently use tap water to make your coffee, try it with bottled water instead, you should notice a big difference.

5. Use the right amount.  You need to work on 10g coffee for a 200ml cup as a guide. 

6. Never, ever, ever use boiling water. It will make your coffee bitter.

7. Keep it clean!  Clean your equipment and storage containers once a month to avoid the build up of oils which may turn rancid. 

8. Enjoy your coffee and have a fabulous day!

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