Great Missenden – Food Festival Cancelled

Disappointing for thousands, Devastating for hundreds, Catastrophic for a few.

With thousands of visitors set to attend the Great Missenden Food festival with Love Food Live this weekend the disappointment they will feel to see this long-awaited event cancelled will be prevalent this weekend.  Easter plans scuppered!  So many people already on social media are expressing their opinions, irritation, disappointment with a few offering up words of sympathy for those affected.

As stall holders ourselves we know hundreds like us will have spent weeks preparing for this event, one of the first of the season for many businesses.  I wonder how many of the visitors will stop to think about the planning and preparation that goes into bringing a business to a field?  I know many of the stall holders will have spent a huge amount of time and money to make sure their stock is ready, promotional material is good to go and staff are prepped ready for a potentially very profitable weekend.  Many of the businesses are small independent artisans, some travelling hundreds of miles and this is our way to meet new people and make money to pay bills.  We are devastated by the cancellation but whilst we look at our own situation there are others far worse off!

The organisers, Love Food Live, are in the worst possible situation.  Not only having to cope with what must be a catastrophic loss of income but also the back lash of those not necessarily particularly understanding.  The individuals offering up advice and criticism do so with the benefit of hindsight.  We were there yesterday afternoon waiting to set up our stand watching the mud bath unfold and the look on their faces was nothing short of despair.

Hopefully everyone will come out the other side of this weekend with a new understanding and foresight into what goes into putting a show like this together.