Are you rich & strong or smooth & sweet?

Quite often when I ask people what sort of coffee they like, the common response is “I just like coffee – any really!”  Usually further probing questions reveal quite quickly that certain coffees suit different people.  Which of the following response would you give?

(5) I like it strong! Really Strong! The Stronger the Better!

If you fit this statement you’re going to love love love our Continental Roast.  It’s the strongest tasting coffee that we have.  Its roasted high and gives the bitterness favoured by our friends across the channel.  Others from our range you’ll most likely enjoy are Fairtrade Espresso, Emperor Blend and probably our regular Espresso Blend too. 

(4) I like it Strong and Rich but not bitter!

If this is you, you most likely really enjoy a good cappuccino or flat white but don’t want to have that bitter aftertaste and high acidity that can come with many of the high street chain coffee shops.  Perfect roasts for you would be our Italian, Sumatra Lintong and Breakfast Blend.  These coffees will give you the depth of flavour you crave without the bitter aftertaste you dislike.

(3) I don’t like it too strong!

Sometimes it's nice just to sit with a coffee that tastes delicious with no bitterness at all and is a medium to light roast with lots of flavour.  The most popular in this range are Costa Rica, Melton Blend, Old Brown Java and Indian Mysore.  These are lighter roast beans which have some natural sweetness to them.  They are perfect for someone who likes a mellow flavoursome cup of coffee.

(2) I don’t know – something different maybe!

We have a very strong following from people who love flavoured coffee.   Most popular at food shows because of their intense fragrance.  Unlike some of our high street competitors, our flavoured coffees don’t pile on the calories either, they are sugar free, not coated and we use natural essences wherever we can.  The most popular of our 35 flavours are definitely Maple & Pecan, Rich Hazelnut, Irish Whiskey Cream, Sticky Gingerbread, Chocolate Brownie to name but a few!

Oh – I can only have Decaff!

Brilliant.  We have the best decaffeinated coffees I have ever tasted personally.  Lots of people think there is no point to decaffeinated coffee, everyone is entitled to their own opinion.  I personally think that our decaffeinated High Roast and also the Ipanema Decaff are among the tastiest coffees we do.  Not to mention that we offer the decaff option for all 35 flavours! 

I don’t drink Coffee, only Tea!

Watch this space!