As the new year launches itself into our lives we are full of enthusiasm, hope and plans.  Over our flat white Santo Domingo this morning We discussed our hopes and dreams for the year ahead. Customer service is top of the agenda – to provide our customers with not only top quality coffee but also top quality service.  We are looking into free tracking for all online orders and increasing the bag size to name but 2 improvements.  For our trade customers we are flavouring to order which will mean the very freshest flavours and coffee for their customers. 


Our growth plans for 2017 will mean that we will attend more food festivals than ever before and we want to connect with as many of our customers on social media as we can.  We have new agents starting too which will really help to spread the Cherizena Name far and wide.

So we are raising our coffee cups to you now and wishing everyone the very best of health, wealth and prosperity for the coming year.