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Espresso Blend


We have developed a blend particularly suited to espresso machines, a dark rich roast with plenty of body giving a fabulous crema. The blend contains Ethiopian Djimmah 5, Brazilian Santos and a high grade Vietnamese Robusta.  For the perfect espresso the grind is vitally important…too coarse and the coffee will be thin and under-extracted so you must use an espresso grind in an espresso maker, whether automatic or stove-top.

A rich golden crema should always top an espresso – the crema shows that all the essential oils have been extracted from the coffee. If ground correctly this coffee can also be used in cafetieres and percolators for a strong earthy tasting coffee.

Weight 0.20000000 kg

Cafetiere (Medium), Espresso (Fine), Percolator (Coarse), Whole Bean


1kg, 200g, 500g


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